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Add API Overview Page

Component Overview

Use the "API Overview Cards" component to give your users a quick summary of key API metrics: number of requests, number of errors, error rate, and change over time.

Each top-level API (e.g. Orders, Transactions, Users etc.) is represented with a card, which summarizes usage across all the APIs individual endpoints (and those endpoints' methods and operations). The data shown is filtered for the specific user (customer ID) -- so that each customer will see only their specific stats.

When paired with other Speakeasy components (e.g. request viewer), the API card becomes the starting point for diving into endpoint-specific stats, request logs, and other features.

How can you use API Overview Cards?

  • Provide key API metrics to users, in a single easy-to-understand card

Using API Cards

Surface Key Metrics

After you have installed the Speakeasy SDK into your API code and the embed into your developer portal, the API Cards will show stats for the API and its endpoints. The name, version, and customer key of the API shown are the values you provided when configuring your SDK integration.