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Add API Request Viewer

Component Overview

Enable your users to troubleshoot API integration issues without engineering support. The API Request Viewer gives user the ability to filter API traffic, make edits to headers & request objects, and replay specific requests. All without having to ever leave your dev portal.

How can you use API Request Viewer Component?

  • Enable users to search granular logs.
  • Enable users to perform self-service troubleshooting.

Using API Request Viewer

Search API Logs

Once API Request and Response data is streaming in they'll be available under the Requests tab on the left nav. This will take you to the Request Viewer home page. The Request viewer will show new requests as they come in real time. By default 30 days of historical data is accessible on demand.


Troubleshoot API Issues

The Speakeasy Request Viewer provides users a way to view traffic to your APIs, but it also allows them to replay those requests in multiple ways allowing them to recreate situations/bugs/issues to track down and correct integration efficiencies.

To get started with Replaying Requests, open up any request in the Request Viewer to bring up the context menu. The context menu then has multiple options:

  • Replay Request
  • Download Postman Collection


Replay Request

Clicking on the Replay Request button will open a Dialog where you can modify the details of the request you want to replay.



From the Replay Request Dialog you can modify the request before replaying it in various ways:

  • Modify the URL of the request, either redirecting it to a new server, or correcting a URL that was captured incorrectly due to proxying or other reasons or just sending it to another endpoint.
  • Modify/Add or Remove any Query Parameters to the request.
  • Modify/Add or Remove any Headers to the request.
  • Modify/Add or Remove a Request body on the request.




Copy as CURL

In the Request Replay dialog there is also a Button to Copy as CURL that will allow you to copy a CURL command with the defined parameters for your request and run this from your favorite Posix terminal.


Download Postman Collection

Clicking on the Download Postman Collection option in the context menu will download a Postman Collection .json file that you can import into your Postman workspace to send requests from Postman to replay your request.