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Generate A Dev Portal On Demand

The SharedView tool allows you to safely provide read-only access to a subset of your API data to anyone, bringing the power of an on-demand dev portal to your API, without writing any code.

Accessing the SharedView tool

From a Page

From the top right of any shareable page, click Share > Shared View. This will take you to the Shared View tool, pre-scoped to the page you were just viewing with the same filters pre-applied.

Request Viewer

The Shared View tool can be also found by navigating to the Embed Tokens page within the Speakeasy dashboard.

Emebed Tokens

How to Generate a Portal

Applied Filters


Filters can be applied to scope the data to just the data that you want to share. To add a filter, click the Add Filter button to bring up the following modal:

Add Filter


The details section exposes required fields. The Customer ID field will determine the customer_id filter.

Embed type

Select the type of embed that you'd like to share from the dropdown. It should be noted that not all filters are applied to all of the embed types, so make sure to use the Preview below to ensure that the data that you are sharing is the appropriate data.


This section previews what the shared view will look like. This preview has the filters applied, but the access token lasts for only 1 minute. Clicking the Generate Link button (under Embed Type) will generate a token for the time specified.


Note that Shared View will theme the shared view based on the theme options you've configured in the Portal tab in the left hand nav bar. If you haven't set up any theming yet don't worry, it will default to Speakeasy colors.