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Product Roadmap


This is brief glance at the Speakeasy near term roadmap. Want to see something else here? Reach out at, we typically respond within a few hours. You can also join our community slack here. Alternatively, book a call with one of us!

Client SDKs As a Service

  • Generation support for Php, Ruby, Rust and C#
  • Managed SDK pipeline (validation, generation, publishing) in app
  • Speakeasy OpenAPI Extensions for Client SDKs
    • User defined JS functions to alter code output
  • LLM powered OpenAPI spec validator and enricher

API Platform

(Admin Users)

  • Create and execute user defined plugins, scripts that run on collected API request and responses in real time and trigger notifications on execution. Enable your API team to validate and create workflows off of customer requests in real time. Here is a quick demo. Potential use cases:
    • Validate customer progression through onboarding
    • Webhook notifications for customer usage failures and quotas
    • Add custom metadata to API request bodies

(Admin Users)

  • Usage KPIs for APIs
    • Average and Median time between API key generation and first 200
    • MAU, DAU, by new vs. existing users
    • % requests by customer by endpoint
    • % API requests by language (Client SDKs)