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API Portal Tools

Embed Speakeasy's React components in your API developer portal to transform your static API documentation into a magical developer experience. With our components, onboarding to and ongoing usage of your API will become self-service for your users.

All the components we offer are composable, meaning you can use them in isolation, or any combination. Our available components are:

  • API Overview Cards - Give your users the key API metrics they want. API Cards provide your users with the most important API stats: number of requests, number of errors, error rate, and change over time. Each top-level API is represented with a card, which summarizes usage across all the API's individual endpoints filtered for a specific customer.
  • API Request Viewer - Enable your users to troubleshoot API integration issues without engineering support. The API Request Viewer gives user the ability to filter API traffic, make edits to headers & request objects, and replay specific requests. All without having to ever leave your dev portal.
  • API Usage Dashboard - Give your users advanced insight into their API traffic patterns. The Usage dashboard gives them rich visualizations to help them better understand how they use your API. Pair with the API Cards to provide both summarized and granular views of API traffic.