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Update In Real-time

The Speakeasy Platform supports real-time updates to your SDKs when your API spec changes. This allows you to keep your SDKs up to date with your API without having to manually regenerate them. By default, the generation action will re-run nightly to check for updates to your API spec and regenerate your SDKs if necessary. However, near-real-time updates are supported if certain criteria are met.

Enable Real-time Updates

The Speakeasy platform can automatically detect changes to your spec and trigger a generation run within a few minutes of the changes being made. To enable this, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your SDK must be set up through the Speakeasy Platform. Check the SDKs page in the Speakeasy app if you aren't sure.
  • Your API spec must be hosted on a publicly accessible URL. A GitHub URL is recommended.
  • If not hosted through GitHub, one of the following headers must be returned by the URL:
    • etag - any change to this value will trigger a new generation run
    • last-modified - any change to this value will trigger a new generation run
    • content-length - this is checked as a failsafe, though it is less reliable than the other two as changes are possible that do not affect document length


The Speakeasy Platform will check for changes to your API spec every 5 minutes. Generation runs typically take at most 5 minutes. Therefore, you can expect your SDK source code to be updated within 10 minutes of a change to your API spec. Package managers may take longer to update, depending on the language being published.