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PHP Design

The PHP SDKs are designed to be easy to use and easy to debug. We've made various choices to guide the design of the SDK, including:

  • Using type hints & doc strings wherever possible to guide the end user to use the right data types.
  • Using JMS/Serializer to accurately serialize and deserialize JSON bodies based on the OpenAPI document.
  • Using Guzzle as the HTTP client of choice. However, like all our SDKs, we make it easy to swap in a custom client to be used if desired.
  • Including a utils module that contains methods for configuring the SDK and serializing/deserializing the types we generate, to avoid duplication of code in each method and reduce the code's readability.

If you have any feedback, suggestions for improvements, or want to ask for a new feature, please get in contact in the #client-sdks channel in our public Slack.