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Capture Usage Telemetry

By integrating Speakeasy into your API server, you will be able to start capturing telemetry on your Client SDK usage. This telemetry will be available from the Speakeasy Dashboard and includes usage charts of the SDK broken down by language and SDK version along with the ability to identify request logs made by your SDK.


Along with the integration of the Speakeasy Server Side SDKs, you will need to enable telemetry for an SDK at generation time by adding the telemetryenabled property to the gen.yaml file.

# ...
telemetryenabled: true

This will then have the SDK add a header to each request made by the SDK including:

  • SDK Language
  • SDK Version
  • Speakeasy Generation Version (ie version of the CLI used to generate the SDK)

And example of the header is:

speakeasy-sdk/go v0.0.1 v0.0.1

By default the SDK will use the user-agent header to transmit this data along with the request. If your APIs are already using the user-agent header for other purposes, the SDK will use a x-speakeasy-user-agent header instead. To allow these headers to make it to the Server Side SDKs, please ensure any gateways, proxies, firewalls or CORS configuration you have allows these headers to be passed through.