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Welcome to

APIs are getting a brand new DevEx

Get ready because Speakeasy, the API infrastructure company, is officially launching! Join us for an exciting week of special feature announcements as we unveil tools to make creating developer-friendly interfaces for your API easy. Give your API the #DevEx it deserves. Speakeasy managed SDKs are idiomatic, type-safe, and readable. In other words they're...

Crafted by developers, for developers.

Feature Week Lineup

Stay Tuned!
Day 1Hello World!Monday July 10Day 2SDK GenerationTuesday July 11Day 3The Managed SDK WorkflowWednesday July 12Day 4SDK DocumentationThursday July 13Day 5Terraform ProvidersFriday July 14



Hello World!

Day 1


Day Outline

  • Feature Week Kickoff Keynote
  • Mission Statement & Vision
  • OpenAPI + Speakeasy: Overview

Presented By

Sagar Batchu's Avatar
Sagar Batchu
Co-Founder & CEO
Simon Yu's Avatar
Simon Yu
Co-Founder & CPO

Our Partners

TechCrunch's Avatar
Speakeasy is using AI to automate API creation and distribution
APIs You Won't Hate's Avatar
APIs You Won't Hate
Creating world-class API devX with Sagar Batchu
Feature Week Kickoff Keynote Background

Feature Week Kickoff Keynote

Sagar & Simon talk about why they founded Speakeasy, and where the company is headed
What we're building at Speakeasy Background

What we're building at Speakeasy

Speakeasy's $11M Raise

Why We Built On Top of OpenAPI

To reach the greatest number of developers possible, we met the community where it already was, OpenAPI.
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SDK Generation

Day 2


Day Outline

  • Managed SDK walkthrough
  • SDK best practices
  • How we've designed our SDKs
  • OSS release: EasyTemplate

Presented By

Tristan Cartledge's Avatar
Tristan Cartledge
Founding Engineer
Anuraag Nalluri's Avatar
Anuraag Nalluri
Founding Engineer

Why SDKs and how ours work

Anuraag walks through the design principles that undergird our approach to SDK creation

Our SDK Design Philosophy

The developer experience we've designed for each language and how they compare to OSS tools.
SDK Best Practices Background

SDK Best Practices

Our best practices to follow for anyone building SDKs
EasyTemplate OSS Release Background

EasyTemplate OSS Release

Easytemplate powers Speakeasy's managed SDK product, which is used by thousands of developers to create SDKs for their APIs.



The Managed SDK Workflow

Day 3


Day Outline

  • Managing SDKs: step by step
  • Spec Validation Ruleset
  • SDKs: How to build them
  • Customer Case Study: Codat

Presented By

Nolan Sullivan's Avatar
Nolan Sullivan
Founding Dev Relations
Chase Crumbaugh's Avatar
Chase Crumbaugh
Founding Engineer

Featured Customers

Codat's Avatar
Universal API for small business data

Managing SDKs: step by step

Chase walks through how Speakeasy manages the full SDK lifecycle

Validate your APIs before SDK creation

How we validate OpenAPI documents to ensure it is ready for SDK creation

SDKs: How to build them

You’re sold on the value of SDKs, and you know what they need to look like. But how should you actually go about creating them? We take a look into the pros & cons of do-it-yourself, open-source, and Speakeasy
Customer Case Study: Codat Background

Customer Case Study: Codat

How Codat Made Their API Experience Best In Class
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SDK Documentation

Day 4


Day Outline

  • Speakeasy SDK Docs: Walkthrough
  • Best practices for SDK Docs
  • Customer Case Study: Airbyte

Presented By

Alexa Drake's Avatar
Alexa Drake
Founding Engineer

Featured Customers

Airbyte's Avatar
Data Integration Platform

Speakeasy SDK Docs: Walkthrough

Alexa talks about how Speakeasy helps build documentation for your SDKs and where we're headed.

Best practices for SDK Docs

How do API and SDK docs differ, why are SDK docs important, and what should they contain to provide that perfect SDK experience
Customer Case Study: Airbyte Background

Customer Case Study: Airbyte

How Airbyte Launched a Fully-featured Enterprise API in One Quarter



Terraform Providers

Day 5


Day Outline

  • Terraform Walkthrough
  • Why Your APIs Need Terraform
  • Customer Case Study: epilot

Presented By

Thomas Rooney's Avatar
Thomas Rooney
Founding Engineer

Featured Customers

epilot's Avatar
The platform for a new energy world

Terraform Walkthrough

Thomas shows you how you can use Speakeasy to build a terraform provider from your OpenAPI spec.
Why Your SaSS API Needs a Provider Background

Why Your SaSS API Needs a Provider

Why building a Terraform provider for your API is critical for getting you DevEx right.
Customer Case Study: epilot Background

Customer Case Study: epilot

How epilot Reduced Terraform Provider Creation and Maintenance Cost by 8X | Speakeasy