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Changelog #5: One-click Request Sharing

Changes to the Speakeasy platform - September 13, 2022.

New Features

  • One-Click Request Sharing - When you're combing through API traffic to debug customer issues and you find something you want to flag to your team, don’t worry about taking a screenshot or formatting a payload. You can now share the URL of the filtered traffic or specific API request to any teammate on the Speakeasy team account, so that they can easily open up, and replay or export the request. Also available in the Request Viewer react embed.

Permalink Sharing - Watch Video

  • API Quickstart - Get your API set up with Speakeasy in a minute. Our revamped API set up process makes it easy to get started whether you have an OpenAPI schema or are starting from scratch.

API Quickstart - Watch Video

Smaller Changes

  • JSON Schema Support - Upload your API existing schema without any alterations.  We now support .json API schemas in addition to .yaml. Come with your API as it is, and get started using Speakeasy.
  • [Bug Fix] Big Query Schema Gen - If you are self-hosting Speakeasy on GCP, you can now accurately generate an OpenAPI schema off of API traffic stored in BigQuery.